Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Flavors of Silence

Flavors of Silence
Thoughts on sharing...and withholding...our thoughts from those around us.

(What thoughts, actions, and feelings fill the space that we otherwise leave empty of sound?)

To that I say, no more silence. It's time to speak up.

(What are the many kindnesses and actions we do without marring them by speech?)

Yet...what kindnesses are marked only by our willingness not to speak? Or what peace is left undisturbed by us having the restraint to leave it be, like the moonlit meadow laid with newly-fallen snow? There are so many other ways to express ideas and feelings. When to use which?


What does silence mean, after all? It can be mean-spirited, inspired by fear, or maintained only by self-restraint.

I would like to examine this more in future posts...in the meantime, what are your thoughts on silence? What causes it? When have you wished you would have spoken? Kept your mouth shut? When is it helpful and when is it hurtful? When is it wrong to stay silent? Can we be silent while still voicing something? How do we do that? When is it best to speak, and when best to stay silent?

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