Sunday, April 24, 2016


I wrote this a few weeks ago and wanted to write more and have more links before I published it. It's still not perfect, but that's kind of the point of this blog, right? To publish stuff even when it's not perfect. Ok, here we go.

I am so glad that I have the chance to do better, to change and put stupid things I've done behind me.  I believe in redemption and the ability to turn things around and start fresh. That power to change, to be redeemed, is available because Jesus Christ performed the atonement and paid the price for so many things (our sins, weaknesses, the injustices inherent in a fallen world), basically so that we could have the opportunity to become like Him and have everything He has—most notably, joy. But until recently I was unwittingly putting redemption in a box. I didn't recognize that redemption—the offer of our Savior to redeem me—applied to pretty much any aspect of my life that I cared to ask Him for help with. Indeed, I will need His help in every aspect of my life if I intend to pursue this course of exaltation with Him.
PC: weinstock on Pixabay

He can help me when I feel afraid.
He can help me when I feel too tired, but still have more to do before I can go to bed.
He can help me to stop beating myself up.
He can help me see what I need, not necessarily what I want really bad.
He can help me love when I feel like turning my back.
He can help me forgive. This one is crucial. Especially with forgiving yourself.
He can help me understand who I am.
He can help me realize I'm not the only person that has ever had a hard time.
He can help me be ok with just getting through a day.
He can help me see the good in things.
He can help me realize how far I have come when I feel like I am not getting anywhere.
He can help me realize I need help.
He can help me let go of my pride so I can reach out and ask for help...or forgiveness.

He will give me hope
He will give me peace
He will give me more than I could ever get for myself

Today the April 2016 LDS general conference adjourned. I wasn't able to listen that closely to all the messages because of the circumstances at my house, but I am looking forward to reading the talks when the transcripts are out. And I am grateful for the reminder that I can be redeemed in every aspect of my life.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Little gem

While reading over some notes in my scripture journal a little while ago, I came across this gem.

I was writing about how I often feel down on myself and get caught feeling like there's no way that I will be able to do all the things necessary to qualify for all the blessings promised to those who keep His law. I often feel this way about life in general, like there's no way I can possibly keep the house clean, or be the mom I want to be so I should just give up now. There are several things wrong with this thinking, but I want to illuminate one of them. One is the lie that the Savior doesn't want to save me because I've let Him down so many times already. 

In my journal entry I wrote this, "the fact that He is offering them [the blessings] to us, who He knows can be unfaithful and inconstant and will need to use repentance, means that He knows I'll mess up, and He has provided a way for me to still obtain those blessings. Otherwise all of those promises would be a lie. And even though I doubt myself, I do not doubt God and His ability to redeem us." 

Christ Walking on the Water, by Robert T. Barrett
Christ invited Peter to walk on the water.
Christ Walking on the Water, by Robert T. Barrett, from media library

He will help because He has promised to. No matter how much I doubt my lovability, I trust His word. We cannot be perfect without Him. I'm glad He loves us so He will help us climb out of the pits we find ourselves in . . . over and over and over again.