Sunday, May 1, 2016

YW Lesson in review: What has Jesus Christ done for me?

YW Lesson in review: What has Jesus Christ done for me?

I was preparing this lesson for my 12-13 year old Young Women’s class. I thought it was a great idea to have the girls explore how Jesus Christ can help them in their lives now. I had some "Ah-ha!" moments I wanted to share about this particular lesson. I'll start with an activity that we did in class, and then share some insights I had when reflecting on what we discussed during the lesson.


What are some hard things you or a friend have gone through or are currently going through? Here’s a list of some things I thought of (feel free to think of your own and apply them here).

Losing a loved one
Putting up with a bully at school
Feeling lonely
Getting mad at annoying siblings
Being betrayed by a friend
Having someone yell at you
Letting someone down
Breaking a bone
Falling behind in school work
Feeling overwhelmed
Making a hard decision
Being around people that drag you down

Let’s go through a few of these and see how the Savior has prepared a way for us to get help with them.

Being around people that drag you down

Now, this isn’t something that is your fault, at least not directly. If there is something you can do to improve your situation, such as choose new friends or speak up to tell people to cut it out, if you pray and ask Him for help, He will help you have the courage to stand up to people or find a new friend group. In the case that you can’t do anything about it—like if the people are your family members—He can help you feel peace and resist becoming like them.

Getting mad at annoying siblings

This is a hard one! Especially if you have several siblings and they get on your nerves a lot. Chances are you have gotten mad at them and lashed out, only to regret it later. How can Jesus Christ help you with this one? He can soften your heart, give you a little extra patience, and help you love your siblings even more. He can help you make amends for the mean things you’ve done to them and get rid of the guilt you feel. You’ll still have to work hard to break old habits, but He can and will help you if you ask Him sincerely and often for help.

I think you get the picture. We went through a few of the points in the list we made and pointed out what the problem was, and how what the Savior has done could help them individually through it. We learned a lot about the different aspects of the Atonement, and how it applies to more than just forgiveness of sins.

Pulling out the Meaning

After our activity, these are a few specific things I could list out for what the Savior has done for us and what that means about His power to help us. 

What the Savior has done for us

He died for us so we can live again—and our loved ones will live again
He went through mortality so He could know how to succor us
He suffered for all of our sins so we can lay them on Him—and be forgiven
He was tempted with the temptations we face—and conquered them. He can teach us to do the same. (VT lesson for Feb)

That means that...

When we’re feeling alone, He can be there with us
When we need strength, He can strengthen us
When we are afraid and restless, He can bring us peace and calm
When we are confused, He can grant us clarity
When we have sinned, He can forgive us and teach us how to avoid future sin
When we die, through His power we will be resurrected.
When we seek truth, He can lead us there

All we need to do is seek His help by praying and really wanting Him to hear, and intending to do what He instructs us to do. There are many more items that could go on either list. What has the Savior done for you?

Isn’t it amazing all that He can do if we let Him? I have thought of the Savior too much like someone who was here in the past, but everything He did in the past was so He could help each of us in our present circumstances. He reaches out to us still. Wouldn’t it be foolish to turn down His help?

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