Monday, August 26, 2013

On Gratification

instant gratification
letting yourself enjoy something
accepting gifts or help, or blessings from Heavenly Father
denying yourself pleasure, relief from pain, or something else arbitrarily.

Gratification has a bad connotation. How about enjoying? Relaxing? We accept those more, but do we really accept that it's okay to relax?

I certainly don't think that this applies to everything, but I have seen that some people just can't relax. They may believe that it's good to relax, but they just can't do it. For me, t seems that there's always something productive that we could be doing instead. But what does that even mean? Do I want to produce so much that I am squeezed dry? Or that i can't take in  a moment or relax and enjoy watching people for an evening? Productivity and the obsession with it is going to kill my sense of softness for the world, and my sense of wonder and joy—enjoy. With joy?

....any relation to gratitude? I think so...

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